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It is no secret that the principles of Agile are simple, but applying Agile is challenging. Here are some of the typical issues we learned from Romanian companies applying Agile: Lack of organization support for applying agile (e.g. daily meetings on IM, teams split in departments, inappropriate spaces for teams) Lack of an internal Product Owner Inaccurate product planning (e.g. wrong prioritization resulting in releasing less useful or even useless features first) Inaccurate estimations Inefficient testers involvement (e.g. tests done at the end of the iteration, while testers don’t do anything during the iteration) Sudden drop in velocity after a number of iterations (usually due to technical debt) “False” teams (e.g. each member works alone on a task with the integration done at the end instead of the team working together towards a common goal) … and many others

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May 13-14, 2010
Bucarest, Romania (Map It)