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UI Engineer / Developer at Getty ImagesSeattle, WA

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User Interface Engineering is a passion, not a career.

I began my career as a print designer and started to design for the web in the mid 90s. 2001 was a founding member of an Enterprise CMS start-up as lead-designer and UIE. I am currently working for Getty Images as a UIE and Presentation Layer Developer with .NET and Ruby teams.

HTML5, CSS3, Semantic HTML, OOCSS, Modular Web Design, Progressive Enhancement development, and tools like SASS, .LESS and don't forget Javascript, it has never been a more exciting time to be writing presentation layer code.

There has also never been a greater need for maturity in the UI field. Like how jQuery brought sanity to Javascript, CSS frameworks coupled with processor languages are attempting to bring the same level of professionalism.

Specialties: Proficiency in HTML/HTML5 and CSS/SASS and experience with jQuery. User interface and user experience engineering background. Usability and crowd testing experience. Creative thinker that possesses the ability to see a problem all the way to solution.

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