I .promise() to show you .when() to use deferreds in creative ways 4.55 http://spkr8.com/t/11861


Deferreds are a relatively new addition to jQuery, but what can they be used for beyond ajax resolutions and chaining? This talk shows 7 interesting and useful ways to make safe asynchronous JavaScript apps leveraging that mysterious object, Deferred.

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Jon Jonathan Atkins, 28 Jun 07:09 PM

Loved it... now to use it

Open-uri20120629-40-dd4swe Renato Untalan, 29 Jun 09:49 PM

One of the better talks i've seen on explaining deferred's and promises , really enjoyed it!

Avatar-missing-icon-05 Jason Lombardozzi, 30 Jun 03:36 PM

Will definitely be implementing deffereds! Great explanation.

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