REST Easy - Building RESTful Services in Zend Framework 4.21


The epicenter of data sharing in "Web 2.0" are web services. Whether you like it or not, you are consuming literally hundreds of services a day, whether it be searching in Google, running Facebook on your mobile device, or searching the App Store on your tablet. Yet, despite our hunger for services, few have ever written one. In this session, you'll learn what are RESTful web services and how to get started creating them in Zend Framework.

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 Brian Zwahr, 22 Jun 04:10 AM

This was an excellent talk. I was only marginally aware of REST prior to attending, but now I feel ready to start implementing RESTful services in my applications.

Stringio Erick Beck, 22 Jun 07:08 PM

Great and timely presentation. We have started doing web services, but this talk showed how to go beyond the entry-level "get information" service and create a robust two-way API. My only recommendation would be to add a "why?" presentation to go along with this "how" presentation to show how useful they can be.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 Jeff Carouth, 23 Jun 03:03 AM

Very nice introduction to REST and analysis on the benefits of creating a RESTful web service over SOAP service. The material was presented clearly and effectively. Only a couple "and stuffs" in there, but it happens. Also good job rolling with the brand new technology problems. I think the demo portion using REST Console is a nice touch, but it would be helpful to show real usage of a RESTful service to drive the point home.

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June 21, 2012 — 06:15 PM
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