Agile Deployment with Ruby 3.84


(presented by Gwyn Morfey, after Laurie Young was forced to drop out)

Deploying to and living with a number of different servers is a common requirement. Laurie Young will introduce the best ruby tools for managing this as part of your Agile life.

In order to meet the needs of the various people in a project, as well as deploying software to real live users, we regularly need to use several servers. Developers, product owners, testers and users all have very different needs, which change throughout the lifetime of the project. It can be a real headache managing a number of servers, and keeping them all up and running, with the right version of the code.

Laurie will talk about the types of servers you are most likely to need, how they can be used to give all the people on your project what you need. He will also explain how you should manage these servers, and what tools you can use to make this easy and pain free.

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