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In recent years, interest has surged in server virtualization technologies -- fueled by their potential to dramatically lower IT costs. This webcast will explore the needs of IT organizations with large SQL Server deployments and how they might benefit from a virtual infrastructure. See how you can dramatically lower your IT costs by virtualizing your SQL Server environment. With a special focus on IT organizations with large SQL Server deployments, virtualization MVP Kevin Kline will discuss:

* Benefits of virtualization and some of the decisions you must make

* Best practices in planning, deploying, and managing a virtual infrastructure for SQL Server 2005

* Ways to leverage storage, network, and computing resources to control costs and maximize return on investment of current infrastructure

* How SQL Server virtualization differs from multi-instancing

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 jedixon1159, 08 Dec 01:57 PM

Presented at TriPASS special monthly meeting on 12/7.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Sandra Mueller, 08 Dec 02:29 PM

Re: 12/7 presentation for TriPass.

The only thing I wish was for some proof. You said that overhead is down 12% -- I wish you had some stats or numbers to back that up. Like on load test IO was at x and on VM with Hyper-V it was y... It just wasn't enough to stop me from wincing when I am told to virtualize.

Biggest gem from the night: information on cylinders and how that effects extents/data page.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 coyotemoss, 09 Dec 12:29 PM

RE: Charlotte SQL Server User Group

Really enjoyed this, very informative and helpful. Well worth the the time. Noticed you also speak on other subjects that I would like to attend. Great presentation and do not regret coming out in the cold rainy night to attend - Thanks for helping me understand this topic more.

Stream.26902 daveturpin, 11 Dec 03:34 AM

Inspiring expert who knows who to know. A fun presentation on a rather boring topic. Tended to roam a bit during the discussion but always managed to bring it back to center. He has vast experience and depth. We had some laughs but I learned how much I don't know, which is a good thing. Thanks for coming to CLT!

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