Building dynamic data driven applications 4.1


A number of technologies have been released in recent years which make building data driven applications easier. Starting with the declarative data models in LINQ and the Entity Framework, we are now able to build more dynamic applications quicker and easier than ever before. Building on top of LINQ, we now have the ability to present data dynamically through services (using ADO.Net Data Services) and web applications (using ASP.Net Dynamic Data). In both of these, we can consume our data models the way we need to rather than by needing constantly modify our external contracts (in terms of Stored Procedures or service contracts). The capabilities we have available to us are not limited to the base scaffolding, but allows for significant customization as necessary for our particular business needs. In addition, we can reuse our underlying models to enforce business requirements while retaining these dynamic capabilities.

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August 13, 2009 — 05:00 AM
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