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The construction and build of jQuery has changed considerably over time - even within the past year has the nature of jQuery changed rather dramatically (with the release of jQuery 1.3, 1.3.1, and 1.3.2). In this talk the internal construction of jQuery is going to be discussed, looking at a number of components that have undergone recent overhauls. This talk is not for those just starting with jQuery - it's assumed that you're already a jQuery user and are, at least, basically familiar with its construction.

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 sbujold, 12 Sep 06:23 PM

In future plan on repeating questions through the mic so that everybody can hear

Stream.19732 stevenblack, 12 Sep 06:38 PM

Excellent talk, interesting. More material than could fit in the slot, obviously,,,

Stream.20385 defeated, 12 Sep 07:52 PM

John is a gracious host & presenter, answering every question thoughtfully. Unfortunately, the session ran out of time; there were several interesting slides we didn't get a chance to cover!

Stream.24557 richleland, 13 Sep 01:55 PM

Good presentation and very in-depth. Great overview of the enhancements coming with 1.3.3.

Stream.25365 akahn, 13 Sep 03:49 PM

I'd rather you took questions at the end, so that you could get through all of your content. In all, a great talk, very clearly explained some tricky, technical stuff.

Avatar-missing-icon-04 lukeb, 16 Sep 01:04 AM

Hearing John was quite enjoyable. His breadth of knowledge and ability to relate the code to the use was extremely refreshing. It set the stage for a great weekend.

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