Beginning jQuery 2.83


The first part of a three part beginner track, this talk is for the designer/developer that is just starting out with jQuery. Perhaps you've heard of jQuery or you've used it occasionally, this talk will help you understand the core jQuery library.

We will cover:

  • jQuery's History
  • Introduce you to the core team
  • Explain how jQuery works
  • Demonstrate how to set-up jQuery
  • Explore core jQuery methods and structure
  • Look through a couple real-world examples

Comments on this Talk

Stream.18707 mpbourque, 12 Sep 03:40 PM

I wish the presenter didn't just read the slides to us. The cardinal rule of a presentation - don't read to the audience

Stream.18387 grahamb, 12 Sep 03:42 PM

John's assertion that this session was good for "intermediate" users was way off; this was beyond basic. Far too much time spent on history - I could have read a changelog myself.

Ralph did an OK job presenting, but needs to stop reading directly from the speaker notes and engage the audience more. Look up at the audience, not the presenter screen and go off-script every once and a while. The Q&A portion was way better than the scripted talk.

Stream.20385 tedroche, 12 Sep 08:09 PM

Intro sessions are tough, since you can't assume much knowledge for the students. However, the History portion dragged. Skip a few of the dates, perhaps show a little more sooner. no need to read the slides. Middle was good and wrap-up with the Twitter client was very good.

Stream.25365 julianj, 13 Sep 03:45 PM

The best thing about this talk was the 5 minutes those two high school kids spent showing off their site.

The twitter feed example was also helpful.

But that's about 15 minutes out of a 45 minute talk. Most of the talk wasn't particularly helpful to me as a beginner.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 estherswhite, 13 Sep 04:06 PM

The keynote suggested that this session was appropriate for intermediate & beginner jQuery developers -- I think this was wrong. It was inappropriate for anyone who has been using jQuery, even for simple purposes.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 margoa, 14 Sep 12:25 AM

not much meat to this presentation. lack of enthusiasm, lack stepbystep. thought it would be a tutorial. didn't feel like that. came esp for this, so was very disappointed.

Avatar-missing-icon-06 kirmcglone, 14 Sep 01:58 PM

Great example with twitter! I will certainly use that in my site. Perhaps more examples like that next time.

As a beginner, I would have preferred we broke down some code to analyze what each part did, rather than going over the history. By focusing on concepts a bit more, the presentation would be a great foundation for the rest of the presentations throughout the weekend.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 ocortess, 15 Sep 09:22 PM

As a total jQuery beginner, I appreciated the introduction to jQuery not only from the technical perspective but also from the historical one. It was huge to realize about the stature of the rest of the speakers. However, I agree that not reading from the slides could provide a better flow to the presentation and can energize the audience. Good job Ralph!

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