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At a certain point the methods that jQuery provides will not be enough. It is at this point that understanding how to build a jQuery plugin correctly can allow you to leverage jQuery's selecting & chaining, while at the same time giving you the freedom to extend jQuery however you see fit. In this session we will briefly touch on why jQuery plugins are needed and then spend the majority of our time actually building a plugin. The goal of the session will be to express the broad concepts central to plugin development.

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Stream.19150 jptoto, 12 Sep 04:38 PM

Constantly pointed at one screen rather than using the mouse and podium to point to code and reach the entire room despite requests to stop. Made too many assumptions about the knowledge of jquery considering this was a beginner class.

Stream.19732 stevenblack, 12 Sep 06:39 PM

Took a while to get rolling...

Stream.20385 defeated, 12 Sep 07:47 PM

I think Cody did well despite the talk being derailed by questions like:

why are you using double quotes instead of apostrophes?

(Half kidding. Some of the audience didn't grok the difference between $/jQuery object vs. the wrapped result set.)

Stream.25419 figital, 13 Sep 03:57 PM

I found the outline of this presentation to be well targeted in demonstrating most of the elements of plug-ins (which is not necessarily an introductory topic). This would be a good candidate for a screencast. It might be nice to dump/visualize some of the objects so a beginning audience can follow along easier (as @defeated mentioned).

Stream.25419 figital, 13 Sep 08:34 PM

Cody reviewed this feedback and hosted an impromptu breakout session the next day for those who wanted a more basic introduction or had more questions. Thank you!

Avatar-missing-icon-01 kirmcglone, 14 Sep 02:07 PM

Was definitely tough to follow along as someone on the right side of the room. I agree with @jptoto that some things were assumed to be common knowledge and probably were not. Made it difficult to ask questions since many concepts were described as "basic" and "straight forward".

119 tol, 16 Sep 04:32 PM

This is the best compliment I can give. I bought your book. I hope you continue to contribute to the community.

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