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Like any good Javascript framework would, jQuery includes Ajax functionality into its core. In particular, though, jQuery has some interesting ways it approaches event handling with Ajax responses. We’re going to dive into this Ajax event mechanism, and see what fun we can have with extending it.

This talk will first review the various Ajax events and some common ways they are used. Then, we’ll investigate jQuery source code and see how each is accomplished. Armed with this knowledge, we’ll talk about some scenarios where you might want to extend these events with extra functionality, or even add your own custom Ajax events.

To move from the theoretical into the concrete, we will discuss two jQuery Ajax plugins I released, mpAjax and flXHRproxy, and look at how each needed in its own way to hook into the Ajax event mechanism and extend it.

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Stream.17819 mondayjblack, 13 Sep 03:27 PM

Next time, skip the superman and lolcats humor. I saw lots of people inching out the back door after those.

Stream.18387 grahamb, 14 Sep 01:21 PM

Don't try to be funny - the superman stuff etc. seemed forced and took a lot away from the information. The info presented was great and very useful.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 kirmcglone, 14 Sep 02:17 PM

I thought adding some jokes lightened things up a bit. People are already going to be somewhat restless after sitting for several hours, so breaking it up a bit is always nice. Granted, probably didn't need as many. But I appreciated the effort, nonetheless.

Me11-tiny Kyle Simpson, 15 Sep 04:18 PM

thank you all for the feedback. i will definitely take that into account for future presentations. to be honest, the corniness of the jokes was an attempt to break up monotony and a somewhat boring topic but without cursing. but i will tone it down in the future. :)

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