jQuery Refactoring 2.9 http://spkr8.com/t/1415


With the amount of jQuery code being written, this session takes a practical approach to best practices and patterns for refactoring existing code. The session will identify areas for performance improvements, standardizing style, utilizing hidden jQuery features, refactoring code for generic components and when to create a plugin. This session will be of particular interest to larger development teams and enterprises.

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Stream.17819 mondayjblack, 13 Sep 03:31 PM

Interesting topic and content, but public speaking skills need work

Avatar-missing-icon-02 sbujold, 13 Sep 03:32 PM

well delivered but maybe not the actual crowd it was intended for (maybe more developers than architects ?)

Stream.19732 stevenblack, 13 Sep 03:59 PM

Code-centric talk, which is usually great.

A 2-minute 5,000-ft overview in the intro to set-the-stage would have helped.

I wasted some time and fell-behind the session looking for code samples (which were 404 not found) until a tweeter figured-out and shared the actual name of the zip file.

Got much more into the session once I could follow-along in the sample code.

Suggestion, therefore: as you navigate from one demo to the other, say, this 02.2-demo.html

Larger fonts on-screen would have helped some in the back row.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 lukeb, 16 Sep 01:13 AM

It was definitely informative, but a slow start. Presentation was a little difficult in spots. He seems a little uneasy and had a lot of "um"s and "uh"s, which slowed it down a bit. I liked his coding pattern though, and he definitely gave info on some great internal methods that many of us didn't know about.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 xianchen, 10 May 01:58 AM

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 Sonya, 20 Jan 01:12 PM

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 Lisa Ocean, 24 Mar 11:37 AM

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 Kari Olsen, 05 May 11:33 AM

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