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jQuery has the best JavaScript community around. I'm going to take you behind the scenes of jQuery and share my personal experiences in contributing to jQuery. You'll learn about the teams that help make jQuery what it is, how you can get involved, get inspired, and survive. jQuery has a large community but there is always room for one more. Get involved!

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Stream.25419 figital, 13 Sep 04:12 PM

So great hearing one of the core team members speak about what motivates him to participate in a project like this. Especially the stress on getting your non-perfect code out there and not over-extending yourself.

Stream.20385 tedroche, 13 Sep 05:24 PM

You need to be a little pushier, but not too much :) - In your org chart, how about including everyone's avatar picture, so we might recognize them at the conference? It would be great to introduce the teams and have the members get a round of applause at the opening session. Thanks for presenting this topic (only next time, perhaps switch rooms with Sammie.js)

Stream.18830 justinschier, 14 Sep 02:03 PM

I bet many in the room had never even published code to github, like me. It would have been nice to see a three minute walkthrough of how to actually get started publishing once you've completed a plugin, and a few tips to vet your own code before you publish.

Keithnerd kenitech, 14 Sep 05:28 PM

Wow. Not many people attended this presentation. For such a large community "Getting Involved" is apparently not something people are interested in. Or, it's that everyone already IS involved. I would suggest changing the title of this presentation to something like "Wanna be a core member of the jQuery team?"

Avatar-missing-icon-08 lukeb, 16 Sep 01:21 AM

I've really been looking for info on how to get involved. Thanks for sharing, Brandon. You've done a lot for our community over the last couple years. Cheers.

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