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When you move beyond simple snippets of jQuery and start developing more complex user interactions and applications, your code can quickly become unwieldy and difficult to debug. This talk will show you how to start thinking about your code in terms of the bits of behavior it comprises, and will teach patterns for code organization.

We'll start by looking at jQuery code that doesn't use any organizing pattern, and point out where issues can arise when the code needs to be debugged or modified. We'll move on to look at how the object literal pattern can be used to solve these challenges by encapsulating features and centralizing configuration options. Finally, we'll look at organizational patterns that allow for private variables and methods.

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Avatar-missing-icon-01 sbujold, 13 Sep 07:26 PM

Would have been hard to do in 30 min. but maybe show the page that actually uses the feature coded as an object-literal so see how cleanr that also becomes

Stream.18387 grahamb, 14 Sep 12:57 PM

The lack of discussion on object laterals was disappointing. I was really hoping to learn how to synergize this new exciting technology.

Awesome session - great slides, great delivery, great content. Wish it had been a bit longer.

Stream.18830 justinschier, 14 Sep 02:01 PM

Rebecca was an awesome presenter.

Unfortunately, I thought the examples were written more to be funny and show off how awesome of a programmer she was than to actually be helpful real-world examples.

Sq_700k bobholt, 14 Sep 02:05 PM

Excellent. Everything I hoped it would be plus ligers!

Seriously, really key information to help make that next step on my journey to jQuery master.

119 tol, 14 Sep 10:28 PM

Thanks for the presentation. It was bit over my head, so I'm working through the slides.

On a personal note- your deep, sonorous voice and fine-boned features make me wish I could drag you to the health club and chase you down the treadmill for an hour each day.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 lukeb, 16 Sep 01:17 AM

I had no idea you could do that with javascript. I love it and I'm immediately implementing object literals. Thanks so much, Rebecca.

Raj_everywhere Neeraj Singh, 16 Sep 02:46 AM

Had a slow start. But otherwise I liked it.

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