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Building single page applications has always seemed like a dark art. Guess what? It's not. The key is really simple--let the URL dictate everything. I'll show how to use the window location's hash in combination with jQuery's event system to drive your entire application, from link clicks to form submissions to history management and beyond.

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Stream.20385 tedroche, 13 Sep 07:14 PM

Whew! Worthy of a 90 minute talk, covered lucidly in 30 minutes. Nice job!

Avatar-missing-icon-04 sbujold, 13 Sep 08:01 PM

Link, Zelda and Nintendo stuff on the screen... AWESOME! Great mobile development content to go with it even better :D

Avatar-missing-icon-08 jodo3k, 14 Sep 03:44 AM

very entertaining presenter with some great ideas! Please have him teach all the others how to present. :)

Stream.19732 stevenblack, 14 Sep 02:41 PM

I upped my "Content" ranking after going-through the slide-deck at home. It all came-together very nicely in hindsight.

Couple of comments for next time: - Easy fix: the podium was always, and the speaker was often, in the line-of-sight of the screen for those seated far-right.

  • Easy fix: upload the slides -- such as they are -- just before the presentation. You can always update them later. Following the code on a laptop really helps attendees and, moreover, keeps them off Twitter which, on balance, is no bad thing.

  • Suggestion: Speaker was forthcoming about the total absence of load testing or scaling on the concept. But don't say "we haven't seen performance issues with this or that" but rather say "this certainly could bite-us at-scale, here's how, and here's a few things we could do in response to that" or even better, ask the audience "no issues yet, but anybody have suggestions to scale this?"

Stream.28874 johnnunemaker, 14 Sep 03:16 PM

Thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming. In regards to posting slides ahead, I'll never do that. I feel as though that would be like reading the end of a book first. I could however post all the code samples before.

Image002 Grace Solivan, 14 Sep 03:52 PM

Fast, efficient, and totally on target. Came away with more than i thought i'd even understand :) Rocked it!

Avatar-missing-icon-07 foreman, 01 Feb 06:24 PM

Oh man, I read all the great feedbacks here and I feel bad that I haven't experienced it too. I guess that a slide would certainly help, but the explanation here of not adding a slide is definitely reasonable.

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