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It sometimes seems like all domains easily map onto relational database like MySQL and Postgres — that we live in a happy land where all Employees are People, and all People are Mammals. Unfortunately, however, there are many domains that just don't map so easily onto a standard relational schema. In this session, we'll look at three general alternatives to the familiar model, as illustrated by some specific examples. We'll also see how some alternative databases provide a better fit for specific domains.

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 12 Sep 05:52 PM

Very nice talk. Presentation was a little fast (a few words were lost in the beginning - diction), but that generally added to the energy of the presentation.

Very good pitch for examining alternative DB types - though it would have been nice to extend it toward implementation (thought there clearly wasn't time). You made a very good case for why relational DB systems don't entirely work....but then there wasn't time to fully sell the solution.

Newwill will leinweber, 12 Sep 06:03 PM

The comics part was good to show how something that seems easy to model can get complex fast, and the energy and enthusiasm were great, but it'd be better if a bit more time was spent on the databases since there's so much out there.

Stream.19523 ratnikov@gmail.com, 12 Sep 06:15 PM

Great talk. Really like the show-case of the biology and comics sample to highlight problems with the relational db design in cases where very dynamic schema is required.

Headshot-3 Jordan Running, 12 Sep 09:02 PM

Great stuff! The taxonomy stuff fascinates me and I could have listened for hours, but I must say I think you belabored it a bit. After awhile I started to feel like, "We get it, not every taxonomy is easy or maps well to relational databases," and was just waiting for you to get on with the code. Great information, though, and your presentation style is excellent and engaging.

Stream.21841 christopherslee, 13 Sep 01:08 AM

the presentation was very entertaining, but it was about 30 minutes of entertaining and 15 minutes of VERY high level content.

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