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As Phil Karlton said, “there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” Despite enormous advances in the field of web development over the last five years, it remains difficult to use caching to allow sites to scale for expanding user bases. Fortunately, the last few years have also seen the rise of JavaScript libraries that take a lot of the pain out of client-side programming. In this talk, we’ll explore techniques for making your sites feel faster, without resorting to complicated caching schemes, while maintaining strict separation of content, style, and behavior.

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 12 Sep 08:32 PM

Speak more confidently - as you did in our small-group conversations. Very good presentation, very funny, you have nothing to apologize for.

Headshot-3 Jordan Running, 12 Sep 08:41 PM

Great content and info. You should be more confident, and even though you're miked you should project more. Also, your pacing was difficult to follow. Other speakers make clear through their tone, volume, and pauses when they're moving on to a new topic, or when an item is particularly important (the spoken equivalent to <h2> or <strong>), but your tone was fairly flat throughout.

Great presentation overall, though, and a great overview of oft-neglected aspects of application design. Thanks!

Headshot-3 Jordan Running, 12 Sep 08:42 PM

Oops, that got mangled. Interpret the above mess as "The spoken equivalent to 'h2' or 'strong' tags." Why no edit button (or preview), SpeakerRate?

Headshot-3 Jordan Running, 12 Sep 08:51 PM

Oh, and one more thing: Don't point or gesture at your screen! We can't see it. You did this a lot. Look at the audience or, if you have to, the projector screen.

Stream.20923 joshcramer, 12 Sep 09:05 PM

Loved the Startup and the photos! That really kept me interested. You made the code come alive by showing a real world example of everything you talked about.

I agree that the presentation could improve a bit. Probably the mic could have been a bit closer to your mouth and they could have used a compressor at the sound board, but that's not necessarily your department.

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