Best Practices for Exception Handling and Defensive Programming in Microsoft SQL Server 4.14


This is a deep dive developer session that explores error handling in SQL Server. The session focuses on core error handling areas such as understandign the anatomy of errors, detecting errors in TSQL and best practices for error handling and defensive programming in Microsoft SQL Server

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 divya, 03 Oct 03:10 PM

It was a very nice session Sir. Learnt many new things.

Stream.14561 tejasshah, 05 Oct 05:02 AM

That was too good session.

We learnt many new ways about, How to handle exceptions.


Stream.11829 ashish.gilhotra, 06 Oct 10:24 AM

Great Session !!!!!!!!!! Great Energy !!!!!!!!!!! Great Learnings !!!!!!! Over all we laernt a lot from there awesome Session... Good Luck !!!!!!!!!!

Avatar-missing-icon-05 khyatipatel, 07 Oct 05:43 AM

Excellent Session! Very Useful. Learnt New things in Exception Handling. Thanks

Stream.25852 ibhadelia, 07 Oct 12:24 PM

That was fantastic, very deep inside exceptions.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 pranav, 08 Oct 05:28 AM

The error handling samlpes which you wonderfully explained with Demo at Community Tech Days will be very helpful to many growing database developers like me... Awesome effort

Avatar-missing-icon-03 Bhavesh, 09 Oct 04:21 PM

It was very nice session and practical examples are very clear to understand.

Stream.10158 rits4friends, 10 Oct 03:56 PM

It was really our pleasure and privilege that we have got chance to listen international speaker like you. Your presentation, way of representing topic and depth of topic was simply superb. you really rocked..... hope to listen you again.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 hardik.rajgor, 11 Oct 05:20 AM

It was really good session which helps developer how effectively do coding. it is the thing - as a developer we are commonly missing in our daily life. its best practice to follow the rules. you really shows it in detail and with easy explanation. Thanks for this gr8 opportunity.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 jalpesh, 11 Oct 06:47 PM

It was very good and I have enjoyed every moment of it though it was about error

Avatar-missing-icon-06 aalap, 12 Oct 04:35 AM

It was awesome. content wise and presentation was really energetic.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 dinesh, 12 Oct 05:37 AM

It was a nice session. Learnt may things which should be used to make the application scalable and robust.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 iamtig, 26 Oct 03:02 PM

I enjoyed your session very much. It was very informative and helpfull.Your presentation was excellent and kept the interest up.

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Space Bags Review, 03 Feb 03:08 AM

Comment deleted by Space Bags Review on February 03, 2011 at 3:09 AM
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