Html5 Websockets: Real-Time Web 3.93


The web has been largely built around the so-called request/response paradigm of HTTP. A client loads up a web page and then nothing happens until the user clicks onto the next page. Around 2005, AJAX started to make the web feel more dynamic. Still, all HTTP communication was steered by the client, which required user interaction or periodic polling to load new data from the server.

Html5 Websockets will give us a more real-time web because the server can talk back to the browser. We'll talk about what this means and how you can use this in your desktop browser and mobile web applications.

We will power it all with Node.js, so expect a lot of JavaScript.

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Avatar-missing-icon-03 Aniruddh Bajirao, 15 Aug 12:57 AM

Awesome talk! Liked the demo. Waiting for Gauntra!!!

Open-uri20120815-40-158uald JimmyRcom, 15 Aug 05:22 AM

Showed a neat node app as a basic example and also a html canvas game with websockets he's working on. Talked about possibilities and showed .net code as well as node/client side javascript. Very good demonstration. Thanks. Just want to note has different backends, something like python+twisted or java could be better performing, but you don't get the luxury of using js for both server and client. 5/5

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August 14, 2012 — 06:00 PM
Matrix, Dallas TX (Map It)