Ninja Techniques: Tips, Tricks, & Tools for Being More Productive as a Developer 4.74


All developers have tools in their digital (and sometimes physical) belt to help them do their job. But staying on-top of the tools ecosystem is just as much a challenge as keeping up with the technology we actively use. In this session, you'll learn some of the newest tools, tips, and hacks from the developer and agilist ecosystem that have the power to make you even more productive and your life as a developer a whole lot more enjoyable. Do you have the skills and interest to become a coding ninja?

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Avatar-missing-icon-01 Chris Koenig, 15 Aug 01:49 AM

Loved the talk. My only suggestion is to be more aggressive with the heckler types - every meeting has "that guy" - that one that always interrupts you. Be aggressive and push past questions that distract from the meeting and push on!

Avatar-missing-icon-08 Nidhal Hamdi, 15 Aug 02:48 AM

The talk was really interesting. A lot of stuff that every successful PHP developer in an AGILE environment should know and practice. I agree with the previous comment, you should be more agressive with clowns. Thank you for the great content, keep up the good work. FYI: screw PHP Storm, I'm staying under the Eclipse spell 'till I find better!

Avatar-missing-icon-03 kajackdfw, 15 Aug 02:52 AM

Great talk. I came away with new ideas on how to become more productive. I especially liked combining the IDE and VI function key idea, A break at the middle of the program would have been nice. I found my mind wandering at the 60 minute mark, and had to concentrate on focusing , before i missed something. A few minutes to absorb and reflect on the first half while peeing would have been good.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 ermagana, 15 Aug 11:44 AM

Great talk, I don't use PHP in my current environment, but I was able to take a lot of your concepts and apply them to my area of work. I'd also be interested in learning more about that software you use, alasian???.

How do I access the slides from the talk?

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Markie Arnold, 15 Aug 01:41 PM

I really enjoyed the talk, walked away with some great new ideas on becoming more productive and having a more organized work flow. I thought the presentation was very interesting and I had no trouble staying focused. Chris gave a lot of great examples and showed how his ideas can help us in our own development environment. Great content, great speaker.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 siboubi, 15 Aug 04:09 PM

The presentation was well organized. One recommendation, in the beginning of your presentation you set the stage it was not going to be deep dive into code presentation. Thus, it was not necessary to explain why you could not demo a specific module. Just dive into what the module is supposed to do, it's easier for the audience to remember. My head started to kick into problem solving mode.

Jason jason_c, 16 Aug 10:29 PM

Really enjoyed the talk and picked up several new thoughts on being more productive on a daily basis. Presentation was very well organized and flowed well. Keep up the good work Chris!

By the way... Loved the vi stuff!

@ermagana: Chris was talking about Atlassian.

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