The Mobile Web, or the masochist’s guide to gleeful self-flagellation 3.87


In this session we'll take a look at various practical problems that surround the creation of mobile websites and W3C Widgets. Although web developers are well prepared for many of the browser incompatibilities they're sure to encounter, there are some special problems that occur only on mobile devices. We will discuss these problems.

We'll also take a look at producing interoperable W3C Widgets and the problems vendors have created for us.

If the mobile web is new to you you'll be shocked by the sheer size of the problems mobile devices create, and the sheer depth of our ignorance. Nonetheless, there is a thin ray of light at the end of the tunnel, and we'll end on a more positive note by looking to the future.

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Stream.5318 herko, 07 Nov 12:38 PM

What I missed in the content was what PPK thinks of the state of the mobile web. We got lots of cases and examples, but not his own ideas on what's next.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Red Bottom Shoes, 27 Jun 02:45 AM

Very good!Really nice!

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