Instrumenting, Monitoring and Auditing of SSIS ETL Solutions 4.95


Have you ever been struck by the lack of detailed logging available within SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages? If the answer to this question is yes, then you are probably a seasoned Business Intelligence solutions builder. The packages that make up your solutions probably contain extra code to facilitate effective monitoring, control and profiling. However, increasingly, SSIS is being used to unify data found on disparate yet related transactional systems. The batch processes that perform this activity thus become a vital part of the information processing ecosystem. These need to be monitored and profiled in the same way as formal BI solutions but often the resources available are much more meager. What do you do when something goes wrong and the functionality of the packages is not transparent via internal state reporting. This session will introduce you to an improved version of DTExec. By passing the appropriate state flags it can reveal the internal activity of packages without having to make any changes to the packages themselves.

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 joshdrobinson, 06 Nov 04:23 PM

Davide - what a great talk! Your energy and enthusiasm are contagious. I have seen your DTLoggedExec solution out there before, but didn't investigate it enough to realize what a great thing it is. I think that we will be pulling the logging and auditing out of the 100 or so packages on my current project and simply replace it with your solution.

I am the guy that asked if the reports were available right near the end of the session, so I will be very excited if you can put those out soon! Incredible talk though, thanks for all your hard work on this solution.


Avatar-missing-icon-06 Holger Schmeling, 11 Nov 09:23 AM

Davide, thank you for this session! I've seen DTLoggedExec somewhere on the internet in advance of the PASS Summit, when browsing for extended SSIS Logging solutions. That was the moment, when I decided to attend your presentation. Never regret this! Generally, at the PASS Summit 2009 the Italians made a huge difference :) I've really enjoyed your (and your Italian mates') passion and dedication. Now, after some testing, I'd really love to use DTLoggedExec in production. If you just could provide the reports that really would help a lot. I've seen on your blog that you intend to do so, so thank you in advance for this. Keep going! - Holger

Avatar-missing-icon-02 kimkimcheroo, 28 Aug 01:10 PM

Here's my problem with all of that. I seem to always run into situations where the "extra coding" is patchwork. It makes me so mad when developers make something and don't consider what it's end function MIGHT be. Then, patches are put in place, and that puts the whole system at risk. So what do you do? Compromise your reporting? It's just a giant car crash waiting to happen. You know?

Avatar-missing-icon-06 kimkimcheroo, 28 Aug 01:10 PM

Comment deleted by kimkimcheroo on August 28, 2010 at 1:10 PM

Avatar-missing-icon-04 Allenwood, 01 Sep 07:09 AM

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