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Many Rubyists seek beauty in code, but thanks to projects like Processing and Context-Free, code can create beauty. In this session we'll take a look at generative art and give you the tools to begin experimenting.

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Stream.6861 Jay McGavren, 22 Nov 08:05 PM

Easy to follow. Clear and simple demos. Was able to try it out right there in the presentation. (But I already had the gem! Please don't make your attendees destroy the conference wireless next time.)

Stream.605 britt, 22 Nov 08:35 PM

The handout was great. Its a really nice Ruby-Processing 101. Could you post a PDF somewhere (or is it already up)?

Avatar-missing-icon-06 aja, 23 Nov 10:19 PM

Great talk. Grabbed the gem that afternoon and hacked out a basic minesweeper app. It was a lot of fun.

I really appreciated the handout.

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