Embracing Collaboration with JRuby and JavaScript 3.4 http://spkr8.com/t/1799


As web developers, we live in an arranged marriage with JavaScript. What is a Rubyist to do? Use JavaScript as a compile target? Abstract it away on the server? With JRuby, we can embrace the shared language of the web in a compelling way, building reusable libraries that work across the client-server boundary. By bridging Ruby to JavaScript using Rhino, we gain shared databases, including their indexing strategies. We gain remote model discovery and shared client/server validation. We gain a shared query language. And because it is JavaScript, we gain the entire web community as collaborators.

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Photo_2 Tony Pitale, 21 Nov 08:45 PM

Had some cool content and some even better ideas. The delivery was solid, but Jon had a tendency to jump from topic to topic, library to library. Overall take-away is there are some cool tools for Javascript on the server.

Stream.15248 kevwil, 22 Nov 12:49 AM

Really inspired to try all the stuff he mentioned, but I don't do much UI stuff and my head is full of other info. Anyone who can inspire me to do UI code gave a good talk.

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