How TDD/BDD Miss the Point: Introducing EDD 3.56


Ruby's testing culture goes way back, and has been a force for making many Ruby projects a showcase for solid, maintainable code. That said, within a business an exclusive focus on TDD and BDD can easily miss the bigger picture and drive optimizations in the development process that negatively impact the business as a whole.

Part business talk and part technical talk, we'll discuss what "Experiment Driven Development" is, why you should be doing it from day 1 (probably even before writing tests!), and what cool Ruby tools you can leverage to make it happen.

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 20 Nov 09:49 AM

Really strong and enthusiastic talk - I can't help but wonder though...isn't EDD a bit outside the scope of the developer now? What you're really addressing is a problem with clients, and while we CAN strongarm our clients into fixing problems, is that really our place? Furthermore, doesn't extending our job domain put us at risk of sacrificing precision when it comes to creative problem solving and our tried and true T/BDD practices?

New-me.square Anthony Eden, 22 Nov 04:34 PM

The talk was decent but I suggest ditching the iPhone keynote app as the means of reading presenter notes. Every glance down to the notes would result in either an "um" or a very unnatural pause.

Stream.7429 Mirko Froehlich, 26 Nov 07:07 AM

Regarding Kevin's comment: I think it really depends on the environment. In many early stage startups (and many of these are prime candidates for both Ruby on Rails and EDD), the line between development and business can be very blurry. People tend to wear a lot of different hats, with founding engineers being very involved in product strategy.

But even if this is not the case, I think having an understanding of how EDD works and what tools are available should come in handy. Successful entrepreneurs tend to be highly stats driven, so I doubt that you'd have a hard time convincing them of this approach.

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