NoSQL: Death to Relational Databases(?) 3.94


There's a storm brewing. You may have felt the increased pressure when you last typed 'CREATE DATABASE latest_project;' into your MySQL console - or you might have been seeding the clouds in an attempt to start the storm sooner.

The name of that storm? NoSQL.

In this session, we'll explore the NoSQL movement: the general alternatives to relational databases (key-value stores, document-oriented databases, and graph databases) and some of the domains in which they provide the best fit. We'll also look at ways to resolve the tension between relational databases and the alternatives, with examples of hybrid applications.

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Stream.15248 kevwil, 20 Nov 10:07 PM

speaking too fast, could barely understand, no hope of taking notes

Photo_2 Tony Pitale, 21 Nov 09:05 PM

I agree with @kevwil that Ben speaks very quickly. At the same time it isn't TOO fast. It adds a bit of excitement to the talk because you can tell he's excited to share.

In addition, the talk content was top notch. Just the right bit of knowledge about each of the data stores with good humor, quality visuals, and enough insight to help a person choose what they'd like to take a more in-depth look at.

Stream.20539 paulanthonywilson, 22 Nov 03:42 PM

Assuming nothing about the audience and giving a basic overview of a set of non-relational databases was just what I needed.

Stream.7429 Mirko Froehlich, 26 Nov 06:54 AM

It was definitely fast, but it also wasn't intended as an in-depth tutorial. I think Ben did a great job of providing a high level overview of the nosql landscape, including less frequently discussed options (such as graph databases). And the superhero theme really helped lighten things up a bit.

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