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Jemini is a game development library using JRuby (don't worry, no Java code needed!). Jemini features a behavior system that allows for complex expressions to be re-used across games, and the most common game mechanisms are already taken care of. See Jemini embedded in a GUI app, web page, and run on many platforms.

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 20 Nov 06:55 PM

Very enthusiastic and engaging talk - however, it seems like this project is still in fairly early stages. You discussed a lot of features you'd like to implement down the road, and it seems like this wouldn't be a tool a developer would necessarily want to adopt until this tech is significantly further along.

Stream.31654 Logan Barnett, 22 Nov 08:54 PM

We're certainly not done with Jemini, but we're making real deployable games with it now. Some of the more complicated mechanisms such as minimaps on an RTS game aren't covered by our ready-made behaviors, but simple games are very easy to make.

Thanks for the feedback!

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