Ruby is from Mars, Functional Languages are from Venus: Integrating Ruby with Erlang, Scala or F# 1.93


We won't just look at how to use projects that bridge Ruby and functional languages, we'll walk through the lower-level code that allows the inter-language communication to happen.

We'll explore different approaches to language interoperability ranging from accessing libraries through universal protocols to embedding foreign syntax in a host source file.

We'll also discuss techniques for ensuring that your polyglot applications won't read like bad translations and behave in unexpected ways.

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Kevin Kevin W. Gisi, 21 Nov 10:26 PM

This talk was particularly difficult - there was no overarching message, the explanations reflected a lack of understanding of the topic, and the speaker repeatedly apologized for lack of preparation.

Without confidence or comfortable background in the subject, the speaker was unable to communicate much of value to the audience.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 johnwoodell, 23 Nov 12:49 AM

Unfortunately, some of the slides were wrong, and the presenter was mortified. Once we got past this crisis, the rest of information was well organized, and presented. I thought this talk was a good introduction to Erlang for Rubyists.

Stream.1281 deadprogram, 23 Nov 04:26 PM

To be fair, the amount of info the speaker tried to cover was vast. As a result of her reach exceeding her grasp, there were some issues. I hope she continues to refine this presentation, as there is a lot of great info in there.

Stream.1281 deadprogram, 23 Nov 08:07 PM

Also, to clarify: I did not mean to imply she did not know the material. Rather, that the amount of material covered was more than one presentation worth.

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