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This is a presentation of the Worst Ideas Ever. But this is not just another "worst practices" presentation with random code samples. This presentation is about ideas that were specially engineered to be bad. This is not about bad coding practices, but about projects that never should have seen the light of day.

"Bad" is not the correct term for the software being presented. "Abominations" is a more accurate description. "Software perversions" might be even more accurate.

Do not try to understand why this software exists, but lay awake in bed at night afraid because it does. Jekyll and Hyde have nothing on this.

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Stream.2689 ealameda, 23 Nov 05:04 AM

Surprisingly I found that this talk was one of the most inspiring for me. It was what I had hoped the "coding for fun" talk would have been - encouraging me to just code things that no one will ever (and probably should never) use simply for the fun of seeing if I can do them.

Stream.1281 deadprogram, 23 Nov 04:33 PM

Tremendously fun way to end the conference. Great job, guys!

5_-_sm wifelette, 25 Nov 12:57 AM

Awesome entertainment value, great code. Thanks guys!

Stream.7429 Mirko Froehlich, 26 Nov 07:12 AM

Perfect way to end the conference!

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