Death and Digital Legacy in Social Media 4.16


If you passed away today, how would your online friends find out? Will your digital media stay online forever? Should logins and passwords be in your will? Has technology changed mourning? What are the issues for developers? Our lives are lived and documented online, it’s time to talk about the implications of death and digital legacy.

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Avatar-missing-icon-09 crzvn, 19 Feb 05:29 PM

Hey, I will try to be there and talk with you after...Unfortunately I had to cancel my presentation "Digital Afterlife" because I don't have enough Data collected to support my ideas. I start this experiment 2 weeks ago and I need a little more time to digest...Anyway, I am looking forward to listen your presentation.

Sddrybrush Scarborough Dude, 22 Feb 04:18 PM

Very important topic and well covered with some good advice. Still more to say on this issue- it calls for audience participation too

Stream.27636 Rachel Young, 22 Feb 06:50 PM

Thanks for presenting content that was fresh and requires some further thought. It is something that most of us will want to consider, one way or another, and I think you did a great job at presenting this developing idea. Thank you!

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