A Case Study in Social Politics


The backlash against the proroguing of Canada's parliament in December, 2009 was, in a word, unexpected. What began as a simple Facebook group quickly grew to involve rallies in over 60 cities in Canada and around the world. Social media had spawned real live political action.

At the centre of the January 23rd rallies was - a website I created on a whim on January 7th.

In the session we'll look at the tech behind the site (WordPress, FTW!) and some key learnings from the distributed and ad-hoc organization of 65 rallies in 5 countries attended by more than 25,000 Canadians.

The actual politics of prorogation is not the focus here, but I can't guarantee it won't come up.

WARNING: With apologies to @zoedisco, there might be pie charts. ;-)

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