The Inside Scoop on Social Media Analytics 2.81


Analyzing and understanding social media is on everyone's mind. Aubrey Podolsky from Toronto's own Sysomos Inc, a social media analytics provider that works with top global brands and agencies, will explore the trends, themes and capabilities of social media analytics. This session will focus on what to measure and how to use this knowledge, with examples, case studies and strategies.

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Avatar-missing-icon-10 anf, 21 Feb 03:27 AM

I think Aubrey started off great, making the audience laugh and interacting with them. As the talk moved on I felt that it was very high level and that's possibly due to time constraint and how much Aubrey needed to cover. I guess I wish there was more takeaway from the talk for me personally.

Minime2 fabrams, 23 Feb 06:23 PM

Good work Aubrey - well prepared and great information share!

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