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How does our desire for privacy balance with our increasing propensity to share information and enjoy personalized services? What are we responsible for as educated online citizens and what could (or should) be legislated? What can we do to ensure responsible usage of information?

As the lines blur between online and offline worlds, an educated discourse around online social norms and personal information security will become increasingly important. Join me for a presentation and discussion for all online citizens, marketers, developers and anyone who shares information online.

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Avatar-missing-icon-06 markwevans, 21 Feb 02:46 PM

Really good presentation about a topic that few people are talking about, even though they should.

Stream.18995 benlucier, 21 Feb 04:56 PM

Brad delivered a solid presentation. He has a relaxed style that engages the audience and fosters participation. On some questions where Brad didn't have the answer (he admitted to not being a legal expert), he was honest and offered reasonable suggestions where one could go to educate themselves.

The discussion was a starting point about privacy. There are more questions out there than answers right now and everybody has their own unique uses for the tools that we use. Brad's session got the discussion started and I'm glad I attended to hear it.

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