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Ruby 1.9 the first major upgrade to the Ruby language in many years. On top of a slew of new language features, it offers an exponentially faster, byte-code compiled runtime environment.

This session will walk through many of the new features and changes in Ruby 1.9 with a focus on helping attendees both upgrade existing code to work with 1.9 as well as take advantage of new features producing cleaner, more elegant code.

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Avatar-missing-icon-01 Mary McKee, 21 Feb 05:05 PM

Chad is such a smart guy and dynamic speaker...I felt like he made great use of the time, highlighting things he felt would be most relevant to us. I often think that I could learn more about a subject in an hour or ninety minutes on my own if I had the discipline to sit down and do it, but I really felt like I got a great overview on Ruby 1.9 with no effort. He's really a joy to listen to...I wish all speakers were this engaging.

Photo_4 markmzyk, 22 Feb 11:03 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the talk. Chad was upfront about the content of the talk, saying if anyone was already a Ruby 1.9 expert, the talk wasn't for them. The talk was well delivered, with Chad hitting the highlights and engaging the audience by asking questions of the audience and even making fun of himself.

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Time & Location

February 20, 2009 — 11:00 AM
Durham, NC (Map It)