Hack Your Workflow for Productivity and Creativity 4.4 http://spkr8.com/t/2096


In this session, I'll run through at least 21 hacks, tools and strategies to optimize your own digital workflow so you can focus on getting the right (and most meaningful) things done. And then, because it is PodCamp, I hope we'll have a good discussion about the strategies and tools you use to keep focused on what matters in your work.

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Avatar-missing-icon-03 mrtunes, 21 Feb 08:50 PM

very well done presentation! i also liked how leona stuck to the theme of blogging by offering a goal of 21 tips.

Sharris Steven H., 23 Feb 02:50 PM

Great session! Your workflow and strategy ideas were, for me, some of the best take-aways from the whole event.

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