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The PodCamp Three (or Maybe Four or Even Five)

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February 20th, 2010 8:00 AM



The idea for this session came from a couple of post-PodCamp Toronto 2009 blog posts by Bob Goyetche (co-host of Canadian Podcast Buffet, co-organizer of Podcasters Across Borders and one of the PodCamp Montréal organizing committee) - you can read them at his blog (the posts are here: and here:

Bob had heard a number of people wondering about sessions on the basics of getting into podcasting, something that had been a mainstay of many previous PodCamps but which now seemed to be lacking. As a response to that, he drafted a list of sessions that could address that need, which he dubbed "The PodCamp Five".

For this session (or sessions, depending on how much material I end up with and whether there are open slots in the schedule to fill, plus whether other people can be persuaded to join in to provide the benefit of their expertise, particularly where I don't have it, such as video podcasting), I intend to cover at least 3 of the 5 topics in Bob's list of PodCamp Five basic podcasting "how to's":

  1. Introduction To Podcasting: History, Podcasting Defined, Finding & Listening to Podcasts, etc
  2. The Online Presence: Websites/Blog/Other, Ways to Host Podcasts, etc
  3. Basic Audio Production: Keys to Good Audio, Common Tools, Tips & Techniques, etc

The remaining two topics may be addressed by others (if they are willing to step up) with the appropriate expertise in:

  • Basic Video Production
  • Advanced Topics: SEO, Measurement, Growing Your Audience, etc
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