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Tod Maffin's "Awesome-Izing Your Podcast: Secrets from Radio"

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February 21st, 2010 7:15 AM



Whether you're a podcast veteran with 300+ episodes under your belt, or you're just thinking about putting a video podcast together, THIS is the session for you.

Canadian podcast pioneer and former national CBC radio host and producer Tod Maffin, will share some insider radio secrets -- tips that can put some AWESOME into your podcast!

For instance:

-- Using "audio on-ramps" to regain listeners' attention

-- But I don't have a good "radio voice" (yes, you do!)

-- You'll learn the 'Universal Truth' and 'Alternating Charges' models of non-fiction storytelling

-- The art of the ten-hour interview

-- Using music vs abusing irony

-- Why editing is bad: The radical "Let them breathe" approach to transparency in audio storytelling

-- Using hidden or telephone interviews without breaking the law

-- Getting great material from streeters (e.g., "Why people in strange hats will always give you better material.)

-- ...and much more crammed into a very busy 30 minutes.

Come prepared to listen to some great tape. You'll laugh, you'll cry.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Tod Maffin is the author of "From Idea to Air: A Field Guide to Crafting Your Story for Radio" and was one of Canada's podcast pioneers. His initial podcast, How to Do Stuff, was shown on stage with Steve Jobs when iTunes launched its podcast-capable version.

Tod was a national producer and host for CBC Radio, designed and launched the network's initial podcast strategy, and was the founding editor of the CBC's official blog. Today, he runs the CBC's Unofficial Fan Page -- with 20,000 members.

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