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Superclassy Inheritance with JavaScript is a quick look at the benefits and consequences of several inheritance patterns in JavaScript. Code reuse plays a major role in the DRY development pattern and leveraging the inheritance patterns built into JavaScript or manipulating them can change the way you build and organize large applications. Unfortunately, JavaScript's reputation and odd naming scheme have stopped people from using all the features that it has to offer. First, we'll discuss the array of options that exist and then go through a real-world example while using our newly honed inheritance-foo to make it play nice.

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Stream.20681 shrop, 21 Feb 10:18 PM

Well done. It was over my head, but I pulled some concepts that will help me understand differences between inheritance models in jQuery vs. other libraries.

Slexaxtonavatar2 Alex Sexton, 21 Feb 10:23 PM

@shrop - great, glad you got something out of it. Don't hesitate to send me a message somewhere and ask a question. I'm happy to explain anything.

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