Let’s Play Poker: Effort and Software Security Risk Estimation in Software Engineering 4.1 http://spkr8.com/t/2178


Effort and risk estimation are both important and problematic in software engineering. Inaccurate effort estimates can lead a team to making unrealistic commitments for completing a software project. Effort estimation models can be complex and require a significant amount of historical data to be collected and analyzed. As a result, effort estimates are often done in an ad hoc manner by management and/or team leaders. Likewise, software teams often estimate and rank their risks in a subjective manner due to problems quantifying the probability of a risk occurring and the impact of the risk. This talk will present the Planning Poker and Protection Poker “games” for collaborative effort and security risk estimation.

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Stream.7268 Fred Medlin, 04 Mar 10:04 PM

I really liked how planning poker was extended to security; very interesting and promising.

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