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Git has attracted many developers away from various centralized source control tools, but it’s easy to find yourself using Git like a slightly-better variant of your old VCS. “You don’t even have to be online to commit. Cool!” That’s a nice touch, but Git has way more to offer, and by picking up a few intermediate and advanced Git techniques, you can save a ton of time (and sanity) for yourself and your team.

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Rmurphey-berlin-small Rebecca Murphey, 21 Mar 03:12 PM

OK, it's only the second presentation of the day, but I don't know that any of the rest can beat it. I think I never want to use svn again.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 ljwhitmire, 21 Mar 03:31 PM

Good info for a newbie coming from a very long Clearcase background.

Stream.18493 Mel Riffe, 21 Mar 04:33 PM

Automating git bisect was worth the price of admission alone. But git add --patch too!

Headicon Clinton R. Nixon, 22 Mar 01:48 AM

The explanation of git branches was fantastic. It's hard to make a talk about version control inspiring, but this did it.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Mary McKee, 22 Mar 02:19 PM

we've been using Mercurial some time (gosh, it seems like forever) now, and i've been mostly ignoring the Git hype. After this talk, I want to switch!

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