Page Caching Resurrected: A Fairy Tale 4.29


We’ve seen a number of dramatic changes in Rails over the past year, with the most surprising probably being the announcement of the Rails-Merb merger. No less important, however, is the addition of Rack support, which can have a revolutionary effect on the way we build applications today, much less how we do it when Rails 3 is released. In this session, we’ll explore how Rails on Rack revitalizes page caching as a performance strategy.

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Stream.20995 moklett, 22 Mar 02:53 AM

I like the potential of this idea. I had considered something similar, sans-Metal - but using Metal makes this more effective.

Avatar-missing-icon-05 Mary McKee, 22 Mar 02:32 PM

great talk! the slides on metrics really helped put performance gains in perspective.

Stream.5906 Ryan Daigle, 24 Mar 01:08 AM

Consistent as always, Ben, great delivery and content.

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