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As Phil Karlton said, “there are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” Despite enormous advances in the field of web development over the last five years, it remains difficult to use caching to allow sites to scale for expanding user bases. Fortunately, the last few years have also seen the rise of JavaScript libraries that take a lot of the pain out of client-side programming. In this talk, we’ll explore techniques for making your sites feel faster, without resorting to complicated caching schemes, while maintaining strict separation of content, style, and behavior.

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Avatar-missing-icon-03 ljwhitmire, 21 Mar 04:06 PM

Good info, it was a little difficult to hear clearly during portions of the presentation.

Stream.18493 Jess Martin, 21 Mar 04:10 PM

The talk was humorous and the content was great. Feel free to slow down a bit more on the technical details. The acoustics in the room weren't great, which drowned out David's voice at times.

Stream.20995 moklett, 22 Mar 02:45 AM

Hilarious delivery, good content. I agree with Jess - slow down on the technical parts and/or find another way to visualize them than just showing the code. A flow chart or an "overlay" on the webpage screenshot would be cool.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 Mary McKee, 22 Mar 02:03 PM

I loved this talk, although I think for some people it wasn't sufficiently clear that it was about optimizing perceived (or front-end) performance rather than 'actual' (back-end) performance. I think it would make for a stronger presentation to emphasize this difference a little more, maybe with examples of when these kinds of tweaks could be more time- or cost-effective to a client looking to improve their app's user experience.

Stream.5906 Ryan Daigle, 24 Mar 01:01 AM

Speak up a little bit and you've got it nailed, David. Great geek-oriented talk.

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