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Ruby provides a variety of powerful tools (Builder, LibXML, ReXML, etc.) for creating and parsing XML data. Unfortunately, this power doesn't translate to the databases we typically use for storing our XML data. These databases simply weren't designed to handle XML and therefore it becomes very cumbersome (at best) to manage our XML storage with these tools. This mismatch of capabilities can cripple our ability to work effectively with our XML data within Ruby. This talk focuses on removing that capability mismatch by combining Ruby with an XML database. An important part of this integration is ensuring that the tools and frameworks that we currently use, such as Rails, continue to be usable. During this talk we will present extensive code samples as we explore:

  • What is an XML database?
  • How does an xml database enhance my existing Ruby xml capabilities?
  • How do we connect to an XML database from Ruby?
  • Integration with Rails
  • The use of ActiveModel for compatibility with Rails 3.0

Comments on this Talk

Avatar-missing-icon-03 kkatilie, 10 Apr 03:06 PM

The majority of the talk was about why you should use an XML database instead of a relational database. Only approximately 5 minutes were actually spent on talking about ActiveDocument. Basically, it was a sell job.

Avatar-missing-icon-07 Damon Feldman, 12 Apr 12:57 AM

It was certainly about why you should use an XML database, along with how to do that in Ruby and a product announcement of an alpha tool to do it more easily. Not sure why the poster is upset about that.

Stream.14792 David Keener, 21 Apr 12:46 PM

I was completely unfamiliar with XML databases. I found Damon's talk to be a nice introduction to XML databases in general. It was also nicely positioned as it was followed by three more talks on non-traditional databases, e.g. - XML databases and NoSQL databases. Frankly, I think the first commenter was unfair in his zero-ish rating.

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