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For much of its existence, JavaScript has been slow. No one complained until developers created complex web applications with thousands of lines of JavaScript code. Although newer JavaScript engines have improved the situation, there's still a lot to understand about what makes JavaScript slow and what you can do to speed up your code.

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Photo_2 sbussard, 24 Apr 11:28 PM

nice job man. that info is very good to know!

Avatar-missing-icon-03 bboswell, 30 Apr 07:47 PM

Presentation was full of useful information about how to improve the performance of not just your javascript, but the responsiveness of your UI. The examples contained information that's applicable now, and technology that will become available in the near future. Information about the UI thread and Repaint and Reflow events rarely comes up in discussion of javascript so the talk was highly informative.

Stream.32379 grynn, 27 May 12:15 PM

Well presented, useful slides...

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