How To Manage Large Applications with jQuery 4.11


Get off the DOM and check out a few ways of writing jQuery applications that stand up to a full development cycle. jQuery's API is fantastic, but hinging your entire large application on that API can be more harmful than helpful. Instead, learn how to use the features in jQuery and vanilla javascript to build an application structure that is both modular and manageable. A lot of features you already know and love, plus a little object-oriented JavaScript, can go a long way in making your JavaScript maintainable.

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Avatar-missing-icon-07 anthony, 24 Apr 11:53 PM

Cool modularized design

Stream.20641 nym, 25 Apr 09:01 PM

Really enjoyed this talk- funny, with substance.

Greenavatar_crop Paul Irish, 27 Apr 08:04 PM

Really nice. Definitely the best explanation of the different inheritance models I've seen. Combining it all with the rest seems very powerful, but I would've liked it to be a bit more prescriptive.. e.g. "out of all these choices.. this combo is the right way to do it.."

regardless. definite awesomesauce.

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