jQuery UI Fundamentals 4.01 http://spkr8.com/t/2972


Widgets done richly. These tools work the way jQuery does, helping you build a rich user interface with ease.

jQuery UI, built on top of jQuery, is a complete set of interactions and widgets for building Rich Internet Applications. A few examples include drag-and-drop, resizing, mouse-sorting, mouse-selecting, autocomplete, button, datepicker, dialog, progressbar, slider, and tabs.

Each component adheres to a consistent standard across API, design, behavior and theming. This minimizes the surprise and makes learning all of them as easy as learning one.

This talk covers how jQuery UI is designed and how it leverages the power, flexibility, and expressiveness of the jQuery API. A live demonstration shows you how to use some of the more common jQuery UI interactions and widgets.

As an intro, this talk will be a great base for later jQuery UI talks that deal with creating or extending jQuery UI widgets and jQuery UI theming.

Comments on this Talk

Stream.21116 vanriper, 25 Apr 10:01 PM

pacing was perfect for a experienced developer that was a newbie to JQuery UI like me

Avatar-missing-icon-09 spleecho, 27 Apr 04:26 AM

Delivery and content were great. It was a great introduction for those new to UI and great also for those who have dabbled a little.

Open-uri20120604-7-1gp3fwl Xavi, 30 Sep 03:57 PM

Good lord that's a lot of spam...

Anyways, is this talk posted anywhere? I'd love to watch it.

Avatar-missing-icon-10 xianchen, 10 May 01:51 AM

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