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.. and here is a description of a talk that I didn't do:

The battle to implement HTML5 and CSS3 is fraught with landmines, boobytraps, outdated specs, and of course, Internet Explorer. JavaScript is a potent weapon to wield, but only once you are trained in the arts of Progressive Enhancement and Feature Detection can you conquer these beasts, cross-browser. Add treasures such as localStorage, <video>, and 3D transforms to your booty today and dazzle your users—without blowing them up!

Bullet points, nay. Cannon balls, matey.

  • Look through thar performance periscope at HTML5 Drag 'n Drop vs draggable(). CSS Transitions vs animate()
  • What is thar performance delta of CSS3 vs. IE filters?
  • How cross-browser be these? Do I tempt Davy Jones' locker?
  • How t' take advantage of graceful degradation by default in CSS3, but catch unsupportin' browsers by th' toes
  • Detail'd fallbacks fer each feature: Geolocation normalization, shadows, corners, and more.
  • Making IE8 Compatibility mode walk th' plank
  • Yonder most clever uses of these technologies seen thus far in th' real-world.
  • A proven treasure map to get clients on your side, and demand that not all browsers are equal, or else!

Join cap'n Paul Irish to navigate these thrashing waters.

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Photo_2 sbussard, 25 Apr 12:44 AM

I'm watching your session 7 talk right now from the front row! Great job!

Stream.21116 vanriper, 25 Apr 09:59 PM

great combination of both entertaining and informative presentation at the end of a long day, definitely retain more when I am awake for the talk ;-)

Avatar-missing-icon-07 spiercy, 26 Apr 02:52 AM

Great, hilarious delivery. Showing code examples and changing it live made all the difference in the world. Possibly the most informative presentation of the weekend.

Avatar-missing-icon-03 rube203, 28 Apr 06:23 PM

Could we get the source from the demo?

181587_10150098340334021_500264020_6408102_2847957_n Eddie Monge, 29 Apr 06:32 PM

Funny and informative. Really showed that anyone can dive in and learn from source code. Shows that jquery isn't as scary as some other frameworks source code.

Stream.9709 Mathias Bynens, 23 Jun 10:34 AM

Here is a link to the “10 Things I Learned From the jQuery Source” screencast: http://paulirish.com/2010/10-things-i-learned-from-the-jquery-source/

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