10 Things I Learned about the jQuery Source 4.88 http://spkr8.com/t/2973


.. and here is a description of a talk that I didn't do:

The battle to implement HTML5 and CSS3 is fraught with landmines, boobytraps, outdated specs, and of course, Internet Explorer. JavaScript is a potent weapon to wield, but only once you are trained in the arts of Progressive Enhancement and Feature Detection can you conquer these beasts, cross-browser. Add treasures such as localStorage, <video>, and 3D transforms to your booty today and dazzle your users—without blowing them up!

Bullet points, nay. Cannon balls, matey.

  • Look through thar performance periscope at HTML5 Drag 'n Drop vs draggable(). CSS Transitions vs animate()
  • What is thar performance delta of CSS3 vs. IE filters?
  • How cross-browser be these? Do I tempt Davy Jones' locker?
  • How t' take advantage of graceful degradation by default in CSS3, but catch unsupportin' browsers by th' toes
  • Detail'd fallbacks fer each feature: Geolocation normalization, shadows, corners, and more.
  • Making IE8 Compatibility mode walk th' plank
  • Yonder most clever uses of these technologies seen thus far in th' real-world.
  • A proven treasure map to get clients on your side, and demand that not all browsers are equal, or else!

Join cap'n Paul Irish to navigate these thrashing waters.

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