Designing Interactions with jQuery 4.42


jQuery makes it simple to do most any interaction these days. But when are certain effects appropriate? Learn some tips on how to design interactions that not only look and work great, but benefit the user experience and drive results. I'll show you methods to designing interactions, as well as guidelines for using certain interactions for maximum effect.

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Avatar-missing-icon-08 ev.shafrir, 25 Apr 07:29 PM

Sorry, but the slides are vacuous. No relevant examples. A talk about design without good examples (interactive examples) is really useless.

Reused material from Nielsen, Alan Kay, Verplank, and mostly presented incorrectly.

Avatar-missing-icon-09 cornellsteven, 25 Apr 08:08 PM

Steve gave a good presentation on the philosphy of approaching user interaction. Very helpful and well presented.

Stream.19604 stevendavisfoto, 25 Apr 08:15 PM

Great presentation. Way better than some of the other presentations I saw at the JQuery Conference. Steve was professional, prepared, and informative. I was getting discouraged by the conference and his presentation brought me back.

Bleu highfiredanger, 25 Apr 09:27 PM

Really excellent speaker - seems unflappable!

Avatar-missing-icon-07 typesett, 26 Apr 04:12 AM

Cool speaker, I dig his preso. For those of us who are familiar with interaction design, a lot of his subject matter is not very challenging (from the stand-point of we've heard of it before). Still, it's nice to hear it again from a good speaker as it reminds us and inspires us to be better.

Adyleft ady.ngom, 29 Apr 09:29 PM

Nice and engaging presentation, good reminder that we are supposed to design for the user with all the "overkill" animations available at developers fingertips one can easily overlook the user experience. Great refresher.

Avatar-missing-icon-01 bboswell, 30 Apr 07:56 PM

Clear and too the point, exactly what you'd expect from an interaction designer. None of the information was groundbreaking, but all of it was relevant and oft ignored. Steve's presentation style really drove the importance of these ideas home.

Stream.18058 jethrolarson, 30 Apr 09:13 PM

Didn't really have much to do with jQuery except that jQuery people are very often guilty of ignoring the principles discussed. I enjoyed the presentation greatly and Steve is one of the coolest people from the conference.

Avatar-missing-icon-02 wadawd, 18 Sep 08:44 AM

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