Web audio with jQuery, Soundmanager2 and HTML5 2.0 http://spkr8.com/t/2980


We're just now starting to see an explosion of advanced audio applications hitting the web. With HTML5 and Soundmanager2, you can now play URL-based audio of various kinds, and even access the audio data directly to create cool visualizations and parse metadata. With new client side integration tools, such as Playdar, you get unprecedented power to use online tools to access music, including music in your own local (file) collection. With jQuery, you get power and simplicity for creating dynamic, responsive UIs for audio apps and a great implementation of JSON-P that lets you do really cool things like embed your audio app in arbitrary webpages (with a bookmarklet or Chrome extension, for example) but still talk to your home server.

In my talk, I will try to accomplish these goals:

  • show how easy it is to make a rich audio application using these tools—this part is a bit of a case study of an app I am developing now that does exactly this
  • walk through some code examples—this part is instructional and reviews some intermediate-to-advanced topics in Javascript, jQuery and integration with third-party frameworks
  • get people psyched to build audio apps and move their personal audio experience into a browser or (HTML5 based) mobile app

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