Building high-fidelity interactive prototypes with jQuery 2.96


As a user interface designer at, I spend a lot of time building high-fidelity interactive prototypes for new features. These prototypes get tested in our usability labs to make sure that we are headed in the right direction, and tend to require a couple rounds of iteration. We’ve found that jQuery is an excellent tool that helps us quickly create and modify prototypes that look and act realistically. Come and see how I’ve used jQuery to create prototypes for features such as a drag-and-drop report builder with live preview, and a process designer that was featured on TechCrunch. Recommended for those with beginning to intermediate jQuery skills as well as anyone interested in interaction design!

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Avatar-missing-icon-02 typesett, 26 Apr 04:02 AM

I thought it was a pretty useful presentation in terms of staying faithful to your topic. The problem for some of the people at your presentation is that typically, jQuery is used to solve problems. using jQuery as window dressing was probably off-putting to some. I liked your clever usages of what jQuery offers and value the importance of prototyping at the design level. Jeremy Keith and the clear: left crew always talk about doing testing early and often and reccomend doing prototypes even for simpler websites than what you presented.

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